huskinDB is a human skin permeation database by xenobiotics.

After rigorous analysis of existing databases, we have found that the experimental conditions (under which this data was obtained) were often discarded. We believe that this data is crucial for the development of well-performing models.
The aim of huskinDB is to provide this data and stimulate the development of novel approaches to predict skin permeation.

546 datapoints 251 different compounds 94 publications

huskinDB contains following information:
  • Name of the compound
  • Canonical SMILES
  • logkp value
  • Site of the body- skin source
  • Layer of the skin that was used for permeation experiments
  • Skin preparation technique
  • Storage temperature of the skin
  • Storage duration of the skin
  • Whether the compound was tested neat or in a solution
  • pH, type, temperature of the donor and acceptor solutions
  • Type of the measuring cell

This website accompanies a publication. Please refer to this publication for citing huskinDB.

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