huskinDB is a human skin permeation database containing information on experimental protocols used. It provides an interactive access to the data, filtering options and a possibility to search for structures.

Etodolac m-Cresol Mannitol Naproxen Methanol Coumarin
tested on skin from
thigh torso scalp thigh scalp torso
stored at
-20 -80 -70 -26 -18 -25

Ringer's solution PBS with ethanol Soerensen buffer Acetate solution Ringer's solution Soerensen buffer
with pH of
7.4 8.0 9.4 3.0 6.6 9.7

Quality of the data-driven research depends heavily on the dataset.
We found that existing databases on human skin permeation by xenobiotics could use some improvements.
So we created a new one.